Altec srl


ALTEC was established by technicians with over 15 years experience in the field of automatic machines for packaging and food, chemist and mechanic industry, sharing the same passion for technology and automation, with the goal of get custom-made solutions and provide a constant service of skilled technical assistance.

Analysis, planning and designing by technicians and coworkers of ALTEC, thanks to their extensive know how and an advanced technical study, are focused on the development and the production of unique and dedicated projects, as well as turnkey lines, with high technological and reliability levels, with the goal to provide the best solutions able to satisfy every requirement, even from most demanding producers.

This planning concerns the production of new specifically dedicated plants and systems, with support assistance to the customer from first phases of the project development – that is from feasibility studies to prototypes – to technical assistance and supply of spare parts, taking care of all those operations about checking the right operation of the plant (both in design and introduction into the production process).

Altec is involved also in the recovery of old but still working plants, by the revision, upgrading and replacement of obsolete parts in order to get renewed and modern machines with favorable prices.

A wide range of second-hand machines, which can be reintroduced in production processes after specific upgrading intervention, represents an important activity of ALTEC.

All systems ALTEC is able to supply can be applied to existing productions lines and customizable according to customer requirements, thanks to the wide experience developed in different competence areas by the ALTEC team.

ALTEC offers the following for BEVERFOOD and PACKAGING:

Automatic cardboard box forming and case-packing lines: systems for cardboard box forming and automatic filling of any kind of packaging, in reduced space and at high speed, with closing systems by PVC tape and hot melt glue.

Filling lines and automatic dosing systems with brushless technology, for several types of products (liquid, half-liquid, pasty) and any type of packaging, with capacity up to 500 ml and over (upon request) showing high precision and speed, avoiding wasting by errors and assuring great savings.

Sealing and labelling systems, like industrial print systems, application units, Print and Apply units.

Transport and handling lines: conveyor belts on more levels, PVC belts, modular belts.

Robotized units which can be customized;

Control panels and electric plant installed on the machine.