Altec srl


We are able to perform retrofit and maintenance of industrial plants, to apply PLC and brushless operations, we can upgrade and revise every type of automatic machine, at our workshop or at customer’ site.

Many years of experience brought ALTEC to an important and profitable issue: industrial machines, when beginning to be considered “outdated” from the technical point of view, still keep their high functional and productive power. What begins to “decline” are their single mechanic and electronic parts. Therefore, revision and upgrading operations according to EC, decree 81/2008, become real valid allies for the companies to limit their cost, still preserving high operation standard. By retrofit and maintenance operations ALTEC is able to meet any need, re-optimizing the productive capacity of your machinery.

Operating in the field of food and beverage industry we carry out modifications, revisions and maintenances to production plants, replacing and putting industrial machines update with PLC technologies and brushless technologies. Moreover, all our renewal and improvement interventions can be carried out both in our main workshop and in your working site.