Altec srl


Reliability, precision and speed characterize the way we produce our mechanical plants with high technological level. Our technicians are able to manage any order and project having skills for installation and technical assistance, both for technical offices and for final customers.

The big family ALTEC is able to provide you his know-how developed in many years of activity. Technicians of any kind are ready to satisfy your requirement, order or working plans, following you step by step during all phases of the process, starting from the assembling phase. Furthermore, they will remain at your full disposal even in the future to assure prompt and qualified technical assistance.

To confirm our extreme professionalism and accuracy during the installation phase we have available a dedicated area implemented with the most advanced technology. In fact, we are equipped with wireless PC units which are able to control the state of progress of the jobs at any time and to allow to introduce any kind of variation on the parts during the installation. It also provides constant feedbacks from our technicians both during the test and during assistance intervention, if any.